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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Move

Since the last post, we have uprooted, moved to the northeast part of the state, been unemployed (me - not my spouse!), welcomed our 3rd grandchild, purchased a small parcel of earth and started on the next chapter of life! My spouse reminded me today that I needed to be writing some of this down. I'm not sure if it's documentation he wants or blackmail material. Just kidding!  I have started a new blog - Bar M Country (www.barmcountry.blogspot.com) to chronicle my adventures into this new world!  I am so excited as we embark on this new journey and hope to show the beauty of the land but also convey the responsibility of stewardship we have to take care of the resources. 

If you have a hankerin to read about my adventures (or misadventures), check it out.  I will be adding pictures and maybe even a few "how-to" videos from time to time.  Thanks so much.  "Happy Trails!"